Endoscopes are special fiber optic telescopes used to examine parts of the airway. They are usually performed after topical anesthesia is sprayed into the airway. Nasal endoscopy can be used in diagnosis, surgical planning, and in treatment. A Houston nasal endoscopy procedure can also be used to identify the source of nose bleeds and may aid in the treatment of them as well.

  • Nasal endoscopy is usually performed with a rigid scope to examine the septum, the turbinates, and the sinus openings. The scope can be connected to a video camera to take photographs.
  • Nasal pharyngolaryngoscopy can be performed using a flexible fiber optic scope. This scope enables examination of the back of the nose, the throat, and the voice box.
  • The flexible scope can be hooked up to a video camera for visualization of pathologies of the airway.
  • The flexible nasal pharyngolaryngoscope is often essential in the diagnosis of infections and tumors of the airway as well as identifying the causes of hoarseness.
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