In some cases, patients may require additional sinus surgery in Houston. This is not common and usually occurs in patients with nasal polyps or nasal tumors.

  • Revision surgery may be more complex due to a change in the overall anatomy after surgery or by scar tissue formation. It’s performed when there is persistent nasal obstruction after a prior surgery. This is mostly due to persistent deviation of the septum at the area of the nasal valve, the most narrow part of the nasal airway.
  • An image guidance CT scan is usually necessary prior to this type of procedure. This type of CT scan produces image data that can be loaded onto a specialized computer system used in the operating room. This system allows tracking of instruments during the surgery, mapping them onto the CT scan in real time much like a GPS system. This provides an added level of safety to the surgical procedure.
  • The discomfort of this surgery is often less than the initial surgery.
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