A turbinate reduction nasal surgery helps regulate breathing problems related to chronic sinusitis or medication use and can be performed at one of our Houston sinus clinics.

  • The nasal turbinates are the ridge-shaped structures inside the nose responsible for warming and humidifying air as you breathe.
  • The turbinates will swell up and shrink down on either side of the nose every two to six hours. This is the normal nasal cycle but may cause nasal obstruction on the right or left side. The turbinates may also swell when you lie down on your side to sleep.
  • The turbinates may permanently increase in size due to allergies, chronic sinus infections, or chronic topical nasal decongestant use (i.e. Afrin, 4-Way Nasal Spray, etc.)
  • The turbinates may be surgically reduced by a turbinectomy performed in the office under local anesthesia.
  • Radiofrequency energy is used to shrink the turbinates in less than a minute per side.
  • The turbinates shrink over the next one to three weeks. Saline spray should be used liberally to help decrease crusting and nasal dryness.
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