Recover Your Breathing Post-COVID


How To Heal Your Lungs After Covid: Breathing Tips

The spread of COVID-19 around the world has taken its toll on all of us. If you were one of the hundreds of thousands who fell ill, then you may have noticed your breathing is taking a long time to recover post COVID. In this blog post, we’ll review how to help lungs recover from covid with a couple of breathing techniques. This is because COVID attacks the lungs and respiratory system. Infections from the virus can significantly impact lung function, which has led to prolonged recovery times in many patients. The good news is that the decrease in lung function isn’t necessarily permanent. It is possible to recover lung function through deep breathing exercises.

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Breathing Tips After COVID

COVID continues to have global anxiety running high. But the great thing about these deep breathing exercises, in addition to recovering your breath, is that they are also helpful in calming anxious minds. So even if you’re not suffering from the after effects of COVID, these breathing exercises can help calm your nerves no matter what is causing your anxiety to rise. Each exercise should be performed with your lips closed, your tongue pressed to the roof of the mouth, and your breath going in and out of your nose. Slowly increase repetitions as you feel comfortable. Although these are simple breathing exercises, please don’t overwork yourself. Talk to a doctor if you are feeling sick, dizzy, fatigued, have an irregular heartbeat, chest pains, or any type of abnormal feeling. If at any time you start to feel dizzy or unwell, please stop, rest, and contact your doctor.

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1. Sitting Sun Salutation Deep Breathing

This breathing exercise will feel familiar to the yogis out there. While sitting upright on a chair or edge of the bed, reach your arms out to the side and slowly extend upward until your wrists cross overhead. Exhale while bringing your arms back down to your sides, and then repeat the process.

2. Deep Belly Breathing

With your hands spread wide over each side of your belly button, take a deep inhaling breath. Then, slowly exhale. Feel the air enter your belly. In addition to increasing lung capacity, this exercise is also a helpful trick to subdue anxiety. Sometimes, our breathing suffers from factors outside of our control. For example, allergies can cause sinus congestion and keep you from breathing clearly. If you experience seasonal allergies, we can help you find lasting treatment solutions.

3. Deep Breathing on Your Back

While laying on your back with knees bent and feet flat, place your hands on your stomach. Breathe in through your nose until you feel the air fill your stomach under your hands. Slowly exhale through the nose and repeat. Do you have trouble breathing on your back? You may have obstructions that we can help you resolve. Schedule an appointment today.

4. Deep Breathing While Standing

To help recover breathing while on the move, stand up straight with your hands on each side of your stomach. Inhale through your nose to pull air down into your stomach. Slowly exhale through your nose. This is a good exercise to keep in your pocket for times you feel flustered but aren’t able to lay down. Imagine you’re about to walk into a meeting to have a serious conversation — you can practice deep breathing with no one around you even knowing. Breathing through your nose can be difficult if you experience chronic sinusitis. If this particular exercise seems impossible, reach out to us at Dr. Matorin’s office to discuss options like turbinate reduction to help you breathe through your nose once again.

5. Humming for Deep Breathing

While sitting in a chair with your hands at the sides of your stomach, close your lips and push your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Inhale through the nose until you feel air reaching your stomach. Next, exhale while making a “hmmmm” sound. If these breathing exercises seem difficult, we can help you do them safely. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

6. Laying on Stomach Deep Breathing

While laying face-down on your bed, rest your head on your crossed arms. Breathe in deeply to pull the air into your stomach. Keep your focus on your stomach expanding into the mattress. Slowly exhale and repeat.  

Ready to Finally Move Past Your COVID Symptoms? how to help lungs recover from covid

If you need more information on how to help lungs recover from COVID, we can help. At Dr. Matorin’s Sinus & Allergy and Snoring & Sleep Centers, relief is possible, and we can help guide you safely through your recovery. Contact us today to finally feel relief!

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