person standing in waist-high field with outstretched arms

Traveling With Allergies

Traveling with allergies requires a lot of planning. Whether is spring, summer or fall, we know that traveling with allergy symptoms during any season could be a terrible experience. 

But hey! Leave your worries (and all the pollen, ragweed and contamination) behind and put your mind at ease. We’ve compiled a list of the best vacation spots for allergy sufferers in the United States, so you can breathe free and be free.

Utah's famous red sandstone rock formation called Delicate Arch


As one of the top allergy-free locations in the US, the clear mountainous air of Utah is heaven for those with pollen or ragweed allergies. While you won’t find much snow in the summer months, you’ll find a whole lot of fresh, breathable air. Feel free to be active and go on a bike trail or ride horses, or just sit back and relax.

Florida or California

A beachfront could be perfect for you. The cleansed saltwater air can be great for stuffy noses. Play in the sand and cool off in the water this summer. It’s best to travel to a completely different environment to thwart off your allergies. If you live on the west, vacation in sunny Florida, and if you live on the east, the Californian coast is calling you. Either way, you’re bound to have a good beach vacation.

Alaska's cleared-watered Glacier Bay mountain range and Dawes Glacier


Escape greenery and go on a cruise to the cool air of Alaska. A cruise is a good option to travel at ease especially with children, rather than the hectic bustle of flying from an airport. With nightly entertainment, water slides, a spa, and sports, cruises are plan-free. Be wary of moisture and mold however, and take necessary precautions.

New York or Washington

When it comes to the best vacation spots for allergy sufferers we like to recommend a big city.

This can be just what you need to stay away from actual jungles and frolic in concrete jungles. Albany, NY and Seattle, Washington are also on the list for low allergens. Check out the parks, shopping districts, and historical sites. Keep in mind, that allergens can be carried in by the wind or the city pollution may be a problem in general. Make sure to book an allergy friendly hotel and be prepared with medication and remedies regardless.

In general, set your sights on a place that are more mountainous and have drier air. These places tend to have less pollen. Make travel decisions based on your needs and always travel with medication, in case. Check out PURE room to search for an allergy-free hotel room for your stay, and our blog to learn more about traveling with allergies.

Feel free to make a pit stop to visit us! If you have been having nasal obstruction or your allergies are just out of control, the solution can be simple. Contact Dr. Matorin today and start back on the path to a healthy life.