Five Signs It’s Time to Bring in Professional Support for a Sleep Disorder


5 Signs You Have A Sleep Disorder

It’s no secret that a productive day starts with a good night’s sleep. Without it, you wake up groggy and your entire day begins on the wrong foot.

Carrying on day after day with little to no sleep is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. However, the good news is that there are resources to help you find relief from your sleepy daze. Knowing when to bring in professional support for your sleep disorders is key to recovery. That’s why today we’ll answer your most asked question: how do I know if I have a sleep disorder?

Several long-lasting treatment options for resolving your sleep disorder are available. One option is the pillar treatment – a simple, 20-minute procedure that will greatly reduce your night snoring without having to wear a mask in bed. Reach out to us at Dr. Matorin to learn more.

1. Sleepiness Is Affecting Your Work

If slipping into work late is an everyday occurrence, then a sleep disorder may be seeping into your workspace.

Disruptions affecting your career could put your job security at risk. Your name may be taken off the list for a promotion or raise. You’ve worked too hard to let it slip through your fingers.

Schedule an appointment at Dr. Matorin’s Snoring & Sleep Center today, and put an end to excessive drowsiness.

2. A Lack of Energy Is Preventing Exercise

It’s not shocking that exercising on little sleep feels impossible. But your body needs to move to stay healthy. Without it, you’ll become weaker and watch the weight pile on. Weight gain can lead to more severe health conditions and even additional symptoms of your sleep disorder.

When breathing affects our sleep quality, it’s time to explore options for treatment. Dr. Matorin has a wide range of services to treat any and all breathing difficulties.

3. You Never Feel Like Visiting With Friends

When friends start slipping away because you’re always too tired to hang out, you could have a sleep disorder. Isolation from social activities can create or add to a depressive state. And in this situation, you may really need that support system.

Find relief from your sleep disorder and host a dinner to bring your friendships back together.

If you’re considering making an appointment with us at Dr. Matorin’s, why not hear from others that we’ve helped?

4. You’re Too Tired to Eat Right

Eating healthy is important to living a long and happy life. But when your lack of energy has you aiming for convenience over health, you could be walking a fine line.

If you’re habitually eating unhealthy foods, a sleep disorder could be disrupting your health. Moreover, if you’re eating poorly, then you won’t be giving your body the nutrition it needs for a productive day.

Get your health back on track by making an appointment with Dr. Matorin’s Snoring & Sleep Center.

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5. You’ve Become Dependent on Substances to Fall Asleep

Relying on alcohol or drugs to get you to sleep at night may seem to work at first. But substances also prevent you from reaching the deep phases of sleep for true rest.

If you have found yourself depending on pills or cocktails, you’ve entered a vicious cycle that can negatively affect your entire life.

Dr. Matorin’s priority is improving your quality of life. What makes our healthcare clinic different from others is that we care about treating your conditions and offering you the support and knowledge you need to live your best life.

Dr. Matorin’s Snoring & Sleep Center

Now that we’ve discuss the how do I know if I have a sleep disorder guide… How many did you relate to?

If any of the above scenarios are ringing bells, then you might be suffering from a sleep disorder. Take charge of your health and life with professional support to treat your sleeping disorder.

Make an appointment with Dr. Matorin’s Snoring & Sleep Center today and finally enjoy a good night’s sleep.


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