Epworth Sleepiness Scale

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is used to determine the level of daytime sleepiness. A score of 10 or more is considered sleepy. A score of 18 or more is very sleepy. Use the following scale to choose the most appropriate number for each situation:

0 = would never doze or sleep.

1 = slight chance of dozing or sleeping

2 = moderate chance of dozing or sleeping

3 = high chance of dozing or sleeping

Print out this test, fill in your answers and see where you stand.


Chance of Dozing or Sleeping

Sitting and reading


Watching TV


Sitting inactive in a public place


Being a passenger in a motor vehicle for an hour or more


Lying down in the afternoon


Sitting and talking to someone


Sitting quietly after lunch (no alcohol)


Stopped for a few minutes in traffic while driving


Total score (add the scores up) (This is your Epworth score) 

If your score is:

< 6        You are sleeping well

7 – 8    Average score

> 9       You may need to consider an evaluation at TOPs Snoring and Sleep Center

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