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    RE: COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Update: March 25, 2020

    Dear Patients and Friends,

    The on-the-ground conditions of COVID-19 pandemic require close monitoring & quick assessment in order to stay one step ahead of the virus. Me & my staff are continuing to serve the people of Houston as best as we can.

    Updated Office Policies

    In order to accommodate the safety and concerns of the community as well as our patients, we have instituted the following:

    1. We will not be able to see patients who recently have developed a fever or cough in the past 2 weeks or possible exposure to an infected person.
    2. We ask to limit guests to one other person.
    3. We have a full-time screener at the door for
      • Temperature checks
      • Hand sanitizer dispensing
      • Limiting the number of patients in the waiting room
    4. Staff will be exhibiting extended universal precautions including:
      • Wipe downs
      • 6-foot social distancingHand & surface sanitization
      • No handshakes (except a fist bump or a smile!)
    5. If the waiting room is “full,” we will ask patients to wait in their car and we will text/phone them when ready. 
    6. Telemedicine appointments may be considered for non-urgent cases using Skype, Google Duo, or FaceTime. 

    Please note, we are well into our influenza, allergy, and sinus season and realize that patients often need counseling on differentiating these illnesses from COVID-19. We will do our part to counsel you the best we can.  Most recent studies have shown COVID-19 also may cause sudden loss of smell or taste. If you experience these symptoms please contact us immediately to arrange a consultation.

    We are happy to serve the Greater Houston community through these difficult times.

    Stay safe and contact us if you have any questions.

    Dr. Matorin

    Update: March 15, 2020

    Dear Patients and Friends,

    We would be immediately implement the following policies in our offices:

    1. We will not be able to see patients in the clinic who are at risk of being infected by COVID-19. These include patients or staff that have fever >100.4oF or recent cough or recent shortness of breath; known or suspected exposure to a COVID-19 individual within 2 weeks (exposure is considered within 6 feet for 3 minutes or more); or history of travel within 2 weeks of China, Italy, South Korea, Japan, or Iran.
    2. If you have these symptoms or feel that you have a life-threatening condition, please contact the nearest ER directly. If you are uncertain, please feel free to contact our office for further recommendations. If you have these symptoms and do not feel that you have significant illness, it has been recommended that you stay home and contact your primary care physician. 
    3. We will be practicing extended universal precautions in our clinic which will include no handshakes and frequent hand washing/hand sanitizer in between patient contact.
    4. We will limit the number of patients in the waiting room and during certain times have a screener at the door that will survey, take temperatures, and dispose of hand sanitizer to all patients. This may add to wait times.

    The following is an adapted table from our friends at Dr. Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center, which shows the various upper respiratory symptoms as a general guideline and does not substitute an exam by your healthcare professional. Sources include the WHO, CDC, Peter Attia’s Instagram (Dr. Michael Lin’s referenced), and my own experience in Houston.

    SymptomCOVID-19InfluenzaCommon ColdAllergiesSinus Infection
    Fever >100.4oFCommonCommonRareRareRare
    Shortness of BreathCommonMildNoWheezingNo
    Sore ThroatSometimesCommonCommonNoRare
    Body AchesSometimesCommonCommonNoNo
    Facial Pain/HeadacheSometimesCommonRareNoYes
    Runny NoseRareSometimesYesYesYes

    Stay safe and contact us if you have any questions.

    Dr. Matorin

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